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Ellaktor: FY 2010 Dividend Payment Announcement


The company ELLAKTOR S.A. announces, pursuant to paragraph of the Athex Rulebook, that the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting which was held on 30.06.2011 approved the distribution of dividend of the amount of euro 0.03 per share that will be augmented by the dividend corresponding to the Companys own shares, or by euro 0.000795 per share, so the total dividend that will be collected by the shareholders amounts to euro 0.030795 per share. Of the above amount, according to the current tax legislation, the corresponding 21% tax is being withheld and therefore the net amount of dividend per share to be paid will be euro 0.024328. 

Eligible to receive the dividend, according to the rule of determining the beneficiaries (Record Date), are company shareholders that existing in the D.S.S. system as at 7.7.2011. As of 5.7.2011, the company shares will be traded in the Athens Exchange without the right to the dividend. 
The dividend payment day is set at 12.7.2011. The payment of the dividend will be realized according to the procedures determined by article 5.5 of the Athex Rulebook and the specifics determined in the Dematerialized Securities System Rulebook. 

ALPHA BANK has been authorized to pay the dividend as follows: 

1. To the accounts operators (Custodian Banks and Brokerage companies) of the beneficiaries shareholders, if they have the right to collect the dividend. 

2. To those shareholders who have withdrawn or have not given the right to an account operator to collect the dividend, the payment will be effected through the network of ALPHA BANK branches, following the presentation of their ID Card as well as the presentation of their details in the Dematerialized Securities System, if they hold their portfolio with the HELEX (former Central Securities Depository). 

The collection of the dividend by a third person is possible only if the bearer has written authorization of the beneficiary with the signature of the beneficiary certified by the Police of other competent Authority on which the full details of the shareholder will be included.

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