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Forthnet: Resolutions of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders


The company Forthnet S.A hereby announces that the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of its Shareholders was held on 28.06.2011, on Tuesday, at 12:30, at the premises of Company’s registered seat, at the Municipality of Heraklion in Crete (Foundation for Research and Technology, area Vassilika Voutes). In the aforementioned meeting the items on the agenda were discussed and resolutions were adopted on these items.

In the General Meeting, twenty seven (27) shareholders attended by proxy, representing the 73.87% of the paid up share capital of the Company, which corresponds to 114,811,293 shares, out of the total 155,431,324 shares with a voting right, and therefore the Company had the required by Law quorum for approving the resolutions on all the items of the agenda.

*The full announcement is attached.

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