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Athens Medical Centre Wont Give Up

Athens Medical Centre won’t give up regarding the case of gynaecological-maternity centre GAIA, with all possibilities open. 

Giorgos Apostolopoulos, head of the group, said at the annual general meeting of shareholders that the Ministry of Health hasn’t announced any decision on the suspension of the clinic that operating within Dunant hospital. 

Apostolopoulos also implied that the Athens Medical Centre (jointly with the German group Asklepios) would contribute expertise in case the state decides to use the experience of the private sector.

The general assembly approved all agenda items, besides item 7, as there was no lawful quorum. This item regarded the amendment of a €150m bond loan with National Bank, Eurobank, Alpha Bank and issue of €20m bond loan. It will be discussed at the extraordinary general meeting scheduled on July 11.
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