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Kleemann: Distribution of Dividend


KLEEMANN announces that, according to the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation and the decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders on June 14th, 2011, the dividend for the fiscal year 2010 amounts to Euro 0.05 per share. Dividend is subject to 21% tax withholding in accordance with law 3943/2011 and therefore the net final amount payable shall be 0.0395 Euro per share. The date of determination of the beneficiaries of the dividend is set as the Friday 15th July 2011. The beneficiaries of the dividend are those persons registered in the records of the DSS on the above-mentioned date of determination of beneficiaries (record date). The ex date is set as the Wednesday 13th July 2011. The dividend payment will start on Thursday 21nd, 2011 through PIRAEUS BANK S.A. (Department of Institutional Investors of PIRAEUS BANK, 142 Suggrou st., Kallithea. P.O. 17671, tel. +302103288747) as follows: 

1. Via the Operators of the Dematerialized Security System (Banks and Securities firms), according to Article of the ATHEX regulation and article 39 of the Operations Regulation of the Central Securities Depository. 

2. Via the Piraeus Bank network, for those shareholders that requested to be exempted from their Account Operator of the Dematerialized Securities System or whose shares are kept in the special investors account. 

3. Shareholders, who, for any reason, are unable to collect their dividend through their operator, will be able to collect it through the Piraeus Bank network starting July 27th, 2011. 

Dividend collection for the abovementioned cases 2 and 3 will be possible either in person or by proxy until December 31st, 2016 upon notification of Investors Account Code Account Number of the Dematerialized Security System and proof of Identity. For further information, shareholders may contact Investor Relations Department Tel: +30 23410 38100. 

Dividend not collected within five (5) years is prescribed to the Hellenic Republic.

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