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Sfakianakis: Listing of Shares, From Companys Stock Reverse Split


SFAKIANAKIS S.A. informs the investing public that Companys Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the shareholders that took place on 25.05.2011, decided among others, the increase of the nominal value of each share from Euro 0.50 to Euro 2.50 while reducing the number of shares at a ratio of five (5) old shares for one (1) new, that is by reducing the number of shares from 39,572,400 shares to 7,914,480 shares. 

Pursuant to the above increase of the nominal value of the Companys shares and the simultaneous decrease of their number, Companys share capital still amounts to Euro 19,786,200.00, divided into 7,914,480 common registered shares of nominal value of Euro 2.50 each. 

On 16.06.2011, the Ministry of Finance, Competition and Shipping decision No 2-5259 which approved the amendment of the relevant article of Companys Articles of Association, was registered with the Prefecture of Athens Registry of Public Companies. 

The Board of Directors of the Athens Stock Exchange, at its session on 23.06.2011, approved the listing of the aforementioned 7,914,480 new common registered shares of nominal value of Euro 2.50 each in replacement of the existing 39,572,400 common registered shares. 

Further to Companys decision the last trading day of the 39,572,400 existing common registered Companys shares on the Athens Stock Exchange will be 28.06.2011. As of the next trading day 29.06.2011, the trading of Companys shares will cease temporarily in order to complete the replacement process, pursuant to the above. 

Beneficiaries of the above corporate action will be the shareholders who will be registered with the Dematerialized Securities System archives in relation to the aforementioned listed company as at 01.07.2011. 

The first trading day of the 7,914,480 new registered shares with the new nominal value Euro 2.50 per share on the ATHEX will be 05.07.2011. 
As of that date the new total number of outstanding shares listed on the ATHEX will amount to 7,914,480 common registered shares. The initial share price on the ATHEX will be determined according to the ATHEX Rulebook, as well as the prevailing ATHEX BoD decision No 26 as valid and the new shares will be credited to the Shareholders Share account and Securities Account registered with the DSS. 

For any further information or inquiries you may contact the Companys Investor Relations Department, tel. 210-3499822 (Mr. George Iliadis).

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