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Heracles: Resolutions of the Ordinary General Meeting


During the 103d Ordinary General Meeting of the Companys Shareholders, in which 32 shareholders were present or represented by proxy, representing 63,851,838 shares, i.e. 89.827 % of the paid up share capital, the General Meeting took the following decisions: 

1. Approved the election of Mr. Perikles Nicolaou as Member of the Board of Directors and the appointment of the Audit Committee consisting of Messrs. Jean Charles Blatz, Christos Sorotos and Agissilaos Karambelas. 

2. Approved the financial statements of the financial year 1.1.2010 - 31.12.2010 with the Annual Reports of the Board of Directors and the Auditors. 

3. Discharged the Board Members and Auditors from any liability for damages whatsoever for the financial year 2010. 

4. Elected the Auditing Company "Deloitte. Hatzipavlou Sofianos & Kambanis S.A." (SOEL NO E 120) for the financial year 2011 and defined the maximum amount of their fees. 

5. Approved the remuneration and compensations of the Members of the Board of Directors for the financial year 2010 and pre-approved their remuneration until the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting of 2012 which will decide regarding financial year 2011. The General Meeting of the Companys Shareholders granted also permission for the conclusion of agreements with Members of the Companys Board of Directors. 

6. Granted to the Members of the Board of Directors and the Managers of the Company permission to participate in the Board of Directors Meetings or in the Management of the Groups Companies, which pursue the same or similar goals. 

7. Decided the transfer of the Companys seat (registered address) to the Municipality of Paiania, Attica 

8. Decided the amendment of article 2 of the Articles of Association of the Company because of transferring the Companys seat (registered address) and article 26 of the Articles of Association of the Company so as for the place of convocation of the General Meeting to be defined according to article 25 of law 2190/1920. 

9. The shares purchase program through Athens Stock Exchange which had been decided by the Ordinary General Assembly of 28.6.2010 according to article 16 of C.L. 2190/192, following its amendment by Law 3604/2007, remains in force until 27.06.2012. 

10. Announcements: 

There were no announcements

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