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Sfakianakis: Resolutions of the Shareholders Annual General Meeting


SFAKIANAKIS S.A. announces that n the Annual Ordinary General Meeting held on 25.05.2011, the required by the Law quorum and majority was gathered, it was attended in person or represented by fourteen (14) shareholders representing 32,913,041 shares, out of a total of 39,572,400 shares (i.e. percentage of 83.17%), and decisions were made unanimously over the following items of the agenda: 

1. The Annual Financial Statements (Parent and Consolidated) of fiscal year 2010 were approved, accompanied by the reports of the Board of Directors and the Chartered Auditors-Accountants for fiscal year 2010. 

2. The discharge of the Members of the Board of Directors and the Chartered Auditors- Accountants from any liability and compensation for the Financial Statements (Parent and Consolidated) for fiscal year 2010 was approved. 

3. The election for fiscal year 2011 of Mr. Vasilio Rita SOEL Reg. Number 14541 as an Ordinary Chartered Auditor-Accountant and Mrs Aikaterini Malavazou SOEL Reg. Number 13831 as substitute, was approved. 

4. The remuneration and compensation of the members of the Board of Directors for fiscal year 2010 were approved and it was decided the amount of their remunerations and compensations for the fiscal year 2011. 

5. The increase of the nominal value of each share from Euro 0.50 to Euro 2.50 while reducing the number of shares at a ratio of five (5) old shares for one (1) new, or by reducing the number of shares from 39,572,400 shares to 7,914,480 shares was approved. As a result Companys share capital is now raised at the amount of € 19,786,200, divided into 7,914,480 shares of nominal value € 2,50 each. 

6. Allowance to the members of companys Board of Directors to participate in the Board of Directors and the management of the subsidiary companies, pursuant to article 23, par 1 Law 2190/1920. 

7. There were no other announcements.

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