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Attica Holdings: Invitation to the Annual General Meeting


The Board of Directors of ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A. (the Company) convened on 18th May, 2011 and decided to call the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on Thursday, 9th June 2011, at 17:00hrs, at the Companys head office, 123-125, Syngrou Ave. & 3, Torva Str., Athens, in order to discuss and decide on the following agenda: 

1. Submission and approval of the annual financial accounts, and approval of the reports of the Board of Directors and the Certified Auditors for the fiscal year 2010. 

2. Discharge of the members of the Board of Directors and the Certified Auditors from all liability with regard to the activities of fiscal year 2010. 

3. Appointment of Certified Auditors for the year 2011. 

4. Approval of contracts and remunerations in accordance with articles 23a and 24 of codified law 2190/1920. 

5. Harmonization of the Articles of Association of the Company with the provisions of codified law 2190/1920 as in force after its modification according to Law 3884/2010. Specifically amendments of articles 24 (Invitation to the General Meeting), 25 (Deposition of shares - Representation), 26 (List of shareholders entitled to vote), 30 (Agenda - Minutes of the General Meeting) and 33 (Minority Rights - Extraordinary Audit) of the Articles of Association of the Company. 

Any person appearing as a shareholder in the registry of the Dematerialized Securities System which is under administration by Hellenic Exchanges S.A., in which the shares of the Company are recorded, is entitled to participate in the General Meeting. Proof of qualification as a shareholder may be made with the presentment of a relevant certification of the above organization or alternatively, through direct electronic connection of the Company with the records of the latter. The qualification as a shareholder must exist on 4.6.2011 (Record Date) i.e. in the beginning of the 5th day before the date of the General Meeting of 9.6.2011 and the relevant written certification or the electronic verification of the above mentioned organization must be received by the Company on 6.6.2011 at the latest, i.e. on the 3rd day before the General Meeting.

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