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ATHEX Announcement:

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX), during its session on February 8th, 2011, approved the admission to trading of 807,054,045 new common registered shares of the Bank "PIRAEUS BANK S.A.", following the share capital increase carried out through a rights issue. The start date of trading of the new shares is set on February 10th, 2011.

Moreover, the Athens Exchange (ATHEX), during todays session, was informed of:

the decrease in the par value of the shares of the company "M.J. MAILLIS S.A. - INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES" from euro 0.76 to euro 0.30 per share. The trading of the listed shares under the new par value of euro 0.30 per share is set on February 14th, 2011.

the contents of the Prospectus of the company "IKTINOS HELLAS S.A.- GREEK MARBLE INDUSTRY", regarding the companys the expansion in new activity.

the contents of the Prospectus of the company "QUEST HOLDINGS S.A.", regarding the spin off of its sector "Distribution and Technical Support of Information Technology and Telecommunication Products", and their contribution to its 100% subsidiary, the non-listed company "Info- Quest Technologies S.A.".

the alteration in the trade name of the company "INFO-QUEST S.A." to "QUEST HOLDINGS S.A." and of its distinctive title to "QUEST HOLDINGS", effective from February 11th, 2011.
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