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Attica Holdings: Announcement Of Regulated Information


Attica Holdings S.A. (the Company), pursuant to the provisions of the Law 3340/2005 and the Law 3556/2007, the Decision 1/434/03.07.2007 and the Circulars nr. 30 & 33 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, announces that SIVET HOLDING INC, a company which is closely associated to the Managing Director and Executive Board Member of the Company Mr. Petros Vettas, was credited in its security account on 31st January, 2011, 1,516,120 ordinary shares as a result of the Share Capital Increase of the Company (1,216,368 shares resulted from exercising priority rights and 299,752 for the subscription of unsubscribed shares), of total value Euro 1,258,379.60.

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