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Attica Group Proceeds To Renewal Of Fleet

The administration of Attica Group has prepared a broad plan to renew its fleet starting in 2011, as it has already ordered two new ships in the Korean shipyards of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co Ltd. 

Blue Star Delos, one of the two new ships, was launched last month. The company announced that the ship will be delivered in May and is expected to be launched in the Cyclades sea route in the summer of 2011.

The second ship, named Blue Star Patmos, will be ready in early 2011. It is expected to be delivered until February 2012.

The administration of Attica Group plans to sale up to 3 old ships, starting with Super Fast II, according to sources. They note that the administration plans to reduce the fleet’s average age from 11.7 years to 9 years by 2012. The long term withdrawal and sale of two more ships are also planned.

In January-September 2010, the Attica Group has been operating in the Adriatic and Greek seas, with five Superfast Ferries ships and eight Blue Star ships holding a market share of around 30%.

On domestic routes the ships of the Attica group carried 3,321,645 passengers, up 3.8%, 116,005 trucks (up 2.1%) and 459,606 vehicles (up 11.5%), performing 11% more routes from the same period in 2009 due to the redeployment of Blue Horizon from the Adriatic to Piraeus-Chania route last April.

On the Adriatic routes, the company’s ship carried 500,459 passengers (-14%), 85,161 trucks (-15%) and 102,746 private vehicles (-6%). According to the company, Superfast Ferries maintained the leading position with market shares of 29% in passengers and 30% in freight vehicles. The total ship traffic in the Greece-Italy routes in the nine months of 2010 has been reduced by 21%.
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