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Heracles General Cement Company: Announcement of share capital increase


HERACLES GCCo announces that the Ordinary General Meeting of the Companys Shareholders held on June 28th 2010, decided the increase of the share capital by the amount of 48,336,240.76 euros resulting from a capitalisation of: 

a) non distributed profits of the financial year 1.1.2008-31.12.2008 amounting to 42,803,210.55 euros and 

b) non distributed profits of the financial year 1.1.2009-31.12.2009 amounting to 5,533,030.21 euros. 

The share capital increase is accomplished through the respective increase of the nominal value of the share from 2.00 euros to 2.68 euros. 

Following the abovementioned increase, the share capital of the company amounts to 190,501,654.76 euros, divided into 71,082,707 ordinary registered shares, of a nominal value of 2.68 euros. 

By virtue of decision 2-7917/18/08/2010, the Ministry of Development approved the amendment of the relevant article of the Companys Articles of Association. The Athens Stock Exchange has been informed of the increase of the nominal value of the Companys shares, during its meeting dated 22/9/2010. 

Therefore, as of 28/09/2010 the Companys shares will be traded on the Athens Stock Exchange at the new nominal value of 2.68 euros per share. 

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