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Heracles: Changes In The Board Of Directors


The Heracles Board of Directors in its meeting on 30th August 2010 received and accepted the resignation of Mr. Didier Petetin as member of the Board and elected as a new member Mr. Perikles Nicolaou, according to articles 11 and 18 of the Companys Articles of Association and the relevant decision of the General Assembly of the Shareholders of 22.5.2009, for his remaining term in office, i.e. until the Ordinary General Assembly of 2012 which will assess the actions of the fiscal year 2011. The election of the new member will be ratified by the first convened General Assembly (Ordinary or Extraordinary). 

As per the above, the Board of Directors of the Company is as follows:
Chairman of the Board Manolis Chris Kyprianides, Entrepreneur, non-executive member
Vice Chairman Peter James Hoddinott, Lafarge Regional President Western Europe, non-executive member
Executive member Pierre Deleplanque, Managing Director
Members Jean-Charles Blatz, non-executive member
Jean-Jacques Gauthier, Lafarge Group Executive Vice President Finance, non-executive member
Perikles Nicolaou, Lafarge Beton Aggregates Operational Manager N. Greece, non-executive member
Christos Sorotos, Economist, independent, non-executive member,
Agissilaos Karambelas, Lawyer, independent, non-executive member 

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