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Acon Holdings: Announcement


AXON HOLDINGS S.A. informs investors that the Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders held on 5 July 2010 decided: 

To increase the nominal value of each share from sixty-one cents (€ 0.61) to one Euro and twenty-two cents (€ 1.22) through reverse split of Company shares at a ratio of 2 old shares to 1 new, namely through reduction of shares number from 40,511,610 to 20,255,805 shares. 

Following the above increase of the nominal value of Company share and the reverse split of their number, the Share Capital of the Company still amounts to € 24,712,082.10 and is divided into 20,255,805 ordinary registered shares with a nominal value of € 1.22 each. 

On 21/07/2010, decision No K2-6580/21-07-2010 of the Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and Maritime Shipping was recorded in the Societes Anonyme Register, by way of which the amendment to the relevant article of the Companys Articles of Association was approved. 

During the meeting held on 27/07/2010, the Board of Directors of Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) approved the listing of the above 20,255,805 new shares on ASE, which have a nominal value of € 1.22 and will replace the existing 40,511,610 ordinary registered shares. 

By way of decision of the Company, the 30th July 2010 is set as the last trading day of the existing 40,511,610 ordinary registered shares of the company on ASE. As of the following business day, i.e. 02/08/2010, the trading of Company shares will stop temporarily so as to have their replacement completed in accordance with the aforementioned stipulations. 

Those shareholders registered with the records of the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) on 04/08/2010 for the said listed Company will be beneficiaries of the new ordinary registered shares of the Company. 

The 20,255,805 new shares will start being traded on Athens Stock Exchange at the new nominal value of € 1.22 per share on 09/08/2010. As of the same date, all the new shares of the Company that are tradable on ASE will number 20,255,805 ordinary registered shares with their opening price on ASE fixed pursuant to the ASE Rulebook and Decision No 26 of ASE BoD, as in force, and the new shares will be credited to the securities accounts of the shareholders with the DSS. 

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