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Heracles: Announcement As Per Dividend Payment For The Financial Year 2009 - CORRECTED ANNOUNCEMENT


The 102nd Ordinary Shareholders General Meeting of HERACLES General Cement Company dated June 28 2010, approved the distribution of a dividend for the financial year 2009, of a total amount of 20,613,985.03 euros which represents 0.29 euros per share prior to withholding tax (10%) in accordance with provisions of L. 3697/2008, i.e. 0.261 euros per share. 

The shares will be traded ex-dividend at the Athens Exchange as of Thursday, July 1st 2010. Beneficiaries of the dividend are the shareholders of the Company registered in the archives of D.S.S. as of July 5th 2010 (record date). The payment of the dividend for the year 2009 will begin on Friday, July 9th 2010. 

Dividend payment shall be realised by the National Bank of Greece as follows: 

1. Through the Operators of the D.S.S. and according to the procedure of distribution as defined in chapter of the Athex Rulebook and article 39 of the D.S.S. Rulebook.
2. Through National Bank of Greece network of branches, for those shareholders that have requested exemption of their operator in S.A.T. or the shares of which are kept with the Special Account of Hellenic Stock Exchanges.
3. For those shareholders who shall not receive payment through their operators for several reasons, payment of the dividend through their operators shall be realised through National Bank of Greece network of branches, as at 9.7.2010 

Payment of the dividend under 2 and 3 shall be realised by the operators of the eligible shareholders, which shall declare that they are entitled to collect the dividend on behalf of their clients, so as to pay the amount to the shareholders or credit their bank accounts accordingly. Upon completion of the transactions of 9.7.2010, payment of the dividend shall be realised through National Bank of Greece network of branches for the period until 9.7.2015. 

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