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Teletipos: Announcement


The Company announces that in the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders that took place on 25/06/2010 twenty six (26) shareholders were present representing the 64,48% of the total capital (24,372,029). 

The Annual General Meeting has taken the following decisions: 1.The financial statements of the company for the year 1.1.-2009-31.12.2009 and the reports of the Board and of the Auditors. 

2.Discharge of the Board of Directors and the Auditors from all responsibility of indemnification in relation to the financial year 2009.
3.The appointment of re Stephens auditing firm for the audit of the financial year 2010.
4.The election of Mr. Panagiotis Psixaris as a new member of the Board of Directors as of 19.1.2010.
5.The approval of fees payable to General Manager up to 30.6.2011. 

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