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The volatility of the stock price is unreasonable, says Intralot


In relation to the extremely volatile behavior of its stock price, traded in the Athens Stock Exchange today, INTRALOT would like to clarify that this volatility is unreasonable because it is not supported by the financial results of the Company or the Group, it cannot be attributed to any other development or fact, and in our view is connected to unsubstantiated rumors.

In this context the Company has proceeded with filing a report with the Capital Markets Commission. In parallel the company announces that it will examine taking additional measures in order to protect its credibility and its reliability when confronted with such unsubstantiated rumors and to protect the interest of the company, its shareholders and its investors.

Furthermore, and for reasons of completeness, we would like to underline the following:

1. Our Company overall follows a completely transparent policy in informing the regulatory authorities, the shareholders, and the investment community in general. The financial activity of the Company and the Group are presented in detail and with full transparency in the recently published consolidated financial report of the Group, all the reports and investor presentations and all the figures available to the investor community on our official website.

2. INTRALOT has been recently subjected to additional and extensive controls of its financial figures as part of the strict requirements of the international banking system for the issuing of its corporate bonds in the international markets.

3. The Companies of our Group are frequently subject to a strict due diligence process in the framework of our participation to international tenders and the implementation of long term projects internationally, conducted by State organizations, aiming to verify the financial reliability of our Group and our capability to timely implement the required significant investments.


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