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Eurogroup chief Centeno not worried about Greeces next day


Eurogroup President Mario Centeno in an interview with SKAI TV late on Tuesday said that he is not worried about the next day of Greece and the Greek economy after exiting the memorandum.

He explained that he is not worried because the Greek political world will ensure the continuation of the process of growth and prosperity of the Greek economy in the future. 

In order for Greece to stand on its feet, he said, it is important to tap the markets and this will have been achieved before the end of the programme. Centeno also stressed the importance of a growth model that can be managed by the Greek authorities.

Referring to the debt issue, Centeno pointed out that "we are discussing a debt relief mechanism in Eurogroup that will monitor the conditions of the Greek economy, the fulfillment of its obligations as a condition for repayment of the debt."

Source: ANA - MPA

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