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Jean-Claude Juncker condemns Turkish stance


European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday condemned Turkeys stance and the recent tension it created with Greece and Cyprus. 

At a press conference on the new multiannual financial framework and the next EU elections, Juncker was asked to comment about the recent tension in the Turkish relations with Greece and Cyprus. "I am entirely against Turkeys stance", he said. 

On Tuesday, the European Commission sent a new warning to Ankara on abstaining from "negative statements that damage good-neighbour relations" and from "any friction, threat or action against an EU member-state that will disturb relations of good neighbourliness and the peaceful resolution of differences". 

In a separate statement, the Commission has already underlined the need for "Turkey to respect the member-states sovereignty rights in the land, the waters and the airspace".

Source: ANA - MPA

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