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Eurogroup today to ratify staff level agreement reached on Saturday


The European institutions announced on Saturday that a Staff Level Agreement (SLA) was reached between Greeces official creditors and the Greek authorities on a policy package under the ESM programme, which will be presented at todays Eurogroup. The agreed package needs to be approved by the Eurogroup.


The Greek govt should legislate and implement all agreed prior-actions by the next Eurogroup on January 22, where the govt hopes for the conclusion of the third review, which will be accompanied by the disbursement of €5-7 bn of funding to Greece under the ESM programme.


The conclusion of the third review should pave the way for the restart of discussions on the debt issue, the fourth review and Greeces exit from the programme.

The eurozone finance ministers will elect the new president of the Eurogroup on Monday.


They will also discuss the progress made in Greeces third programme review, fiscal issues as well as the preparation for the euro summit.

The staff level agreement for Greece is also expected to be ratified.

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