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Tzanakopoulos: Greece will be a different country in August 2018


State Minister and governments spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos reiterated the governments steadfast position for an end of the memoranda and harsh supervsion in August 2018, in an interview with the website on Friday.

He also dismissed speculation about the need for additional measures, noting that "the countrys fiscal course and the institutions publicly expressed opionion do not indicate any such necessity."


He also pointed out that this "would not correspond  with the countrys fiscal progress, which in 2017 is expected to close with fiscal outperformance and in 2018 is forecast to be within targets."

Asked about the prospect of early elections, Tzanakopoulos repeated the position "the prime minister has stated several times in the past," namely that general elections will be held at the end of the governments tenure "and SYRIZA will win them".

The spokesman also reiterated governments commitment to protecting the primary homes of working class families from being auctioned to pay off debts.

On the conclusion of the third review, he noted that: "According to the timetable we have set jointly with the institutions, the target is for all the processes, including the voting of prior actions, to have been concluded by the Eurogroup meeting at the end of January 2018".

"From August 2018, Greece will be a different country and mostly It will be a country based on social justice. Most importantly, the support measures will become permanent with the foundation of a new social state, salaries will increase, while taxation for employees and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs will be reduced," he said, explaining the governments plan for the next day.

Finally, regarding the one-off social handout distributing surplus revenues from the outperformance of targets, Tzanakopoulos said "it is an act of social justice. Every single euro of the state budget is the Greek peoples money."

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