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EU Commission to examine KAS ruling on Helliniko site

The European Commission will on Thursday examine the decision reached by Greeces Central Archaeological Council (KAS) about former Helleniko airport, a EU Commission spokesperson said.

"The Greek authorities have pledged, in the framework of the memorandum, to take the necessary measures to promote the restructuring of the Helleniko site, which constitutes a key investment plan for job creation and growth," the spokesperson added.

On Tuesday, the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) ruled that more than 30 hectares of former Helliniko airport is of archaeological interest. The former Helliniko airport is the site of a planned real estate investment.

The government has expressed its satisfaction over the decision. According to government sources, a major step is being taken to proceed with the investment while respecting the law, protecting the cultural heritage and not endangering the approval of the KAS procedures.

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