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Multi-bill endorsed by all 153 coalition MPs


Greek Parliament approved the multi-bill containing all the agreed measures, counter-measures and 2018-21e Medium Term Fiscal Strategy in order to complete the 2nd review with 153 YES votes (128 MPs voted NO, while one Sypiza MP did not vote a specific education-related bill).

The opposition parties voted against the omnibus bill that contained the new measures, but approved articles 71 and 70 on the abolition of tax reductions for lawmakers and the lowering of the VAT paid by farmers, respectively. In total, 281 deputies voted.

The opposition in general voted against all the articles, except for the two articles mentioned above.
Golden Dawn did not participate in the vote. The party was expelled from the debate after one of the party’s lawmakers reportedly pushed an ND MP during the debate.

Right after the voting the Greek PM said that Greece fulfilled all the agreed measures and the ball is now in the lenders court. “We are expecting, and we deserve, from the Eurogroup meeting on Monday, a decision for a resolution of the Greek debt, one that corresponds with the sacrifices of the Greek people”.

"Youve become the best advertisement for austerity in Europe," Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Conservative leader of the opposition New Democracy party said, calling Tsipras to resign.

"Let the people decide with their vote who can lead the country out of the crisis and how," he said in his speech to parliament, renewing his call for early election.

Demonstrators gathered outside the parliament in Athens

As politicians traded barbs, about 12,000 people protested outside the parliament in the capital, Athens, for a second consecutive day. A small group of hooded protesters broke away from the rally and hurled petrol bombs and firecrackers at police guarding parliament. Police responded with teargas dispersing the crowd temporarily.

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