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Multi-bill to be voted in Parliament tonight


The multi-bill with the legislation including the measures that will be implemented in 2019-2020 is scheduled to be voted in Parliament tonight.


Ahead of the vote, the PM sought to communicate a positive message expressing his optimism that a deal on the debt issue will be sealed by early June at the latest.


There are three scenarios currently considered by the institutions: one based on the EC’s GDP projections incorporating 2-2.6% primary surpluses until 2060 and two others which are based on more conservative GDP growth rates (1-1.25% in the long-term) and more “realistic” primary surplus targets (1.5%).


According to the first scenario, the measures already legislated suffice to render Greek debt sustainable, while the other two point to the need for debt relief.


Note that yesterday an EU official, said that chances of Greek deal on Monday is 50-50. Greece’s creditors still disagree on debt- relief measures relating to growth assumptions after program ends. Greece’s 3.5% primary surplus won’t be the main point of contention at the meeting. IMF’s participation in bailout is condition for payout of the trance. Payout also needs positive reception of report on implementation of economy measures due at weekend.


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