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British police investigate links to assailant day after London terror attack

British police have raided a property in Birmingham as part of an investigation into Wednesdays attack in London, UK media report. Lawmakers were preparing to return to parliament one day after the deadly assault.

Authorities arrested several people while conducting a raid on a house in Birmingham, Sky News and the Press Association news agency reported on Thursday.

The raid was part of an investigation into the assailant in Wednesdays deadly attack in London, the two media outlets reported.

Police, however, have refused to confirm a link between the raid in the central English city and the attack in the capital. Authorities attributed the attack to "Islamist-related terrorism."

A knife-wielding man first plowed a car into a crowd of pedestrianson Londons Westminster Bridge and stabbed a policeman outsite the British Parliament on Wednesday. A total of five people have died, including the attacker. Around 40 other people were injured in the deadly rampage, some of them seriously.

Police have said they know the identity of the attacker but have not yet named him. Parliament is due to convene later in what Prime Minister Theresa May said was a signal that the attack would not disruupt British democracy or normal daily life.

rs/se (AP, AFP, Reuters)
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