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PM praises invaluable contribution of Greeces armed forces

Greeces Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras praised the excellent deterrent capability of Greeces armed forces but also their invaluable contribution to society in a statement aired during the launch of the revived television programme on the armed forces "With Virtue and Boldness," which Greeces state television channel ERT1 resumed broadcasting on Sunday.

The segment was filmed during the prime ministers visit to Thessaloniki last week, during which the former Pavlos Melas army camp was turned over to the municipality of the same name.

"When the Armed Forces also produce social work, then their operation is optimised, as is their contribution to the Greek people, to Greece and the social whole in general. I want to congratulate the political and military leadership and say that the Armed Forces are fully trained and in an excellent state of deterrent readiness; at the same time their concern in these difficult years of crisis is to contribute to the states efforts to deal with these crises effectively, whether they concern the refugee crisis, where their contribution was truly invaluable, or the daily life of citizens, their quality of life. And today we have such an example, a very important one," Tsipras said.

"I am pleased to have an opportunity to make a statement as prime minister on a show that has a long history in public television and concerns the Armed Forces, a show that returns renewed, as the Armed Forces are renewed, so that they can assist and contribute to improving quality of life and social cohesion," the prime minister added.
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