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Voutsis: The Parliament will not vote for extreme measures demanded by IMF


Provided that the euro and the EMU continue to exist, there is no issue of Greeces unilateral withdrawal from the eurozone or return to a national currency, the President of the Parliament Nikos Voutsis on Wednesday said adding that this is also the position of the SYRIZA party.

In statements to SKAI TV, he said that there is a part of the global society who believes that the single currency has no future as well as a part of the creditors, without a balance of power, that seeks Greeces exit.

On the measures demanded by the IMF, he said that by no means will the Parliament vote for such measures.

He also ruled out the possibility of elections or a referendum even if the creditors insist on extreme measures and expressed his optimism that the negotiation will be concluded as Greeces lenders will meet their commitments.

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