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European Council head rejects Greek request for extraordinary EU summit


The European Council head, Mr. Tusk, rejected Greeces demand for an emergency EU leaders summit, arguing that finance officials need to resume talks and reach an agreement on reforms within days.


In particular, Mr. Tusk said that he spoke on the matter with Greek PM, Mr. Tsipras, who proposed a special summit of Eurozone leaders in order to discuss Greeces third bailout, and he noted that "We have to avoid a situation of renewed uncertainty for Greece. We need a date for a Eurogroup meeting in the not distant future. In days, not weeks".

The German FinMin, Mr. Schaeuble also rejected the idea of an extraordinary EU summit as there is not sufficient progress in the negotiations between Greece and the Institutions.
Dijsselbloem: A Eurogroup may be held next week or the week after

At the same time, according to Reuters, Mr. Dijsselbloem, mentioned that Greece and the institutions are “getting close to a deal” on the contingency measures.

ESM head remains optimistic on IMF’s participation in Greek programme

ESM head, Mr. Regling, stated that reforms can help Greece to achieve debt sustainability without haircuts.


Mr. Regling also noted that it is impossible to know which of IMF or EC projections are correct, so preventive measures should be implemented, in case that the more pessimistic IMF estimates are confirmed. Finally, he expressed his confidence for the IMF’s involvement in Greeces programme, while he mentioned that there should be sufficient progress so that a Eurogroup meeting can take place.

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