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"Black" Monday on Athens stock exchange


Following a shutdown that lasted five weeks, the Athens Stock Exchange reopened this morning. The ASE index was down a record 22 percent at the start of trading, with Greek bank shares falling as much as 30 percent. All of them 
remained on limit down throughout the session while other blue chips managed to absorb part of the selling pressures. Aegean Airlines outperformed the market ending 0.49% lower versus -19.09% earlier at the session.

Turnover was rather modest as normall trading  is still restricted for Greeks due to continuing capital controls in the country, while foreign investors are excluded from all restrictions, provided that they were already active in trading before imposition of capital controls last month

According to Bloomberg, the stand-out number in this mornings round of Purchasing Managers Index releases came from Greece, where PMI fell to an astonishingly low 30.2 based on data from Markit Economics. The company said survey respondents blamed a “generally uncertain operating environment” and capital controls for the collapse.

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