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Multi-bill passed; one more MP expelled from parliamentary group

The Greek Parliament approved yesterday the articles of the multi-bill required to secure the next loan tranche, although the voting resulted in the expulsion of one more coalition MP.

Nikitas Kaklamanis expelled from ND Parliamentary group.

In a letter to the Parliament presidium as soon as the result was announced, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras expelled Kaklamanis, a former minister and candidate for Athens mayor from the partys Parliamentary group.

The prime minister walked over the presidium, wrote the announcement expelling the MP on the spot and handed it to a Parliament official, who gave it to the presiding speaker Ioannis Tragakis to read to the plenum.

Among those voting against were former prime minister and PASOK MP George Papandreou, while PASOK MP and former Parliament President Apostolos Kaklamanis abstained by voting present.

Overall, the first article (related to structural reforms) secured the backing of 152 MPs while the second one (regarding bank recap) was voted by 151 MPs. Interestingly the former PM and ex-leader of the socialist party PASOK voted against the bank recap article.

Although the voting resulted in 3 dissensions (2 from PASOK and one from New Democracy), it is worth highlighting that the bill was supported by ex-PASOK MPs Loverdos and Aidonis, while two coalition MPs were absent from the process (but pointed out they would have voted for). The approval of the bill paves the way for the disbursement of the next loan tranche to Greece in the coming weeks.

Note that Sunday’s voting took place after a surprise move by the main opposition party to call for a dissent and censure motion against the FinMin. In effect, this was an attempt to push back the voting of the multi-bill but the motion was rejected through the support of Democratic Left (former junior coalition party member).

Interestingly, the move by the main opposition party followed an opinion poll showing that New Democracy has retaken the lead for the first time in six months. The new political party “To Potami” (launched a few weeks ago) appears to have overtaken other political forces and polled more than 8%.
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