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ND accuses SYRIZA for canceling the debate

After the cancellation of the debate between Antonis Samaras and Alexis Tsipras, which members of the party charge entirely on the SYRIZA leadership, ND will follow a hard stance until the end, protothema reported.

ND spokesman Yannis Michelakis said that while there had been an initial agreement, SYRIZA tried to change the terms licking names of journalists, issuing unilateral announcements and "mocking other parties as well." ND deputy spokesman George Mouroutis said that "ND’s proposal for the debate in the agreed framework still stands."

ND blamed SYRIZA for attempting to avoid the debate on its policy leading to the drachma and the issues of Skopje, illegal immigration, and foreign policy.

ND will insist that "with its policies, SYRIZA serves the goals of the drachma gang." It will imply that regardless of what SYRIZA says publicly it has a hidden agenda and that the practice of unilateral termination will lead the country out of the euro, with inestimable consequences.

Its members said that the problem with medicines is only a foretaste of what will follow if "the disastrous policy of SYRIZA" prevails.

Samaras and ND will repeat that with the countrys exit from the euro, there will be shortages even in basic bread winning goods: food, fuel, electricity. ND has decided to invest in the fear of the people from the consequences of a possible exit from the euro and believes that in the end the electorate will be bent.

But Tsipras will accept a personal attack by Samaras who sees him as "irresponsible, naive and dangerous" and ND party members as well. They will emphasize that developments in Europe will lead to a change in policy of austerity and that Greece should take advantage of the opportunities that will arise following a responsible policy.

Until the end of the pre-election period Samaras will tour around the country and the partys campaign will culminate with an open gathering in Athens. The aim is to boost the morale of the "blue" voters and give the impression to the people that ND is the first party.
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