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Tsipras: Whoever doesnt declare their assets we will confiscate them

Tsipras said that SYRIZA will be present Friday a plan that will meet all the basic commitments of the country for primary surplus and a sustainable debt, protothema reported.

He launched an attack on media, contractors and banks for the surrounding atmosphere created in recent days concerning the possible exit of Greece from the euro, saying "they do not understand that they don’t harm SYRIZA, but Greece." He criticized former PM Lucas Papademos for the intervention to Barroso.

He also said that his standard is not the PASOK of Andreas Papandreou, however, "the PASOK of Andreas Papandreou said some right things too. We will be judged for the stability of our ideas. Obviously we will not everything if we terminate the memorandum, but will reverse the course of our country toward poverty. We can not say that we will create heaven from hell from one day to the next because we will receive a destroyed country."

In a relevant question he asked for the review of Europe’s framework and considered that it is our great opportunity to make changes with the other peoples of Europe.

Regarding the country’s stay in NATO he said "leaving NATO in not our programming position" and that SYRIZA has a clear position that Greece will become a pillar of peace and security with no Greek soldiers in Afghanistan.

For the subjects of foreign policy said the country must have an active and multidimensional foreign policy and can not be dominated by the outdated perception that we belong to the West. He asked that we restore our relations with Russia, the Brics countries (emerging economies like Brazil, India, China, South Africa) as a country, and that we have a say in the developments in the Mediterranean.

The causes of the immigration problem

Tsipras said that we must renegotiate in the European context, for the problem of immigration and demanded a change in the Dublin II agreement. On this issue he added that we must fight for changing Europes position in relation to its immigration policy.

His announcement regarding the banks

Regarding banks he wondered "we will say to the banker: You can’t chip in from your own? Go home now", and announced common shares with voting rights in the Greek public sector if SYRIZA becomes the next government. He cited the example of U.S. President Barack Obama who nationalized two banks. He justified this proposal by saying that the operation and profits of the banks should erase a portion of the State’s damage and help the market. He also proposed a cut of at least 30% on private debts.

New, national tax system

 Tsipras asked for a new national tax system, simple, fair and scalable, posing as a prerequisite a wealth chart through which everyone will be obliged to declare the movable and immovable property at home and abroad and that if someone would make ​​false statements they would have their property confiscated.

Regarding high taxation he wondered if ship owners are worth saying that they will take down the Greek flags at a time of war in our country. He also noted the 58 tax exemptions enjoyed by ship owners.
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