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The economical manifesto of SYRIZA

This Friday SYRIZA will present its economical manifesto with nine fundamental chapters that include freezing of SOEs privatization, nationalization of banks and OTE, gradual increases in salaries and pensions and a new tax system.

According to protothema,  economic team has already completed the specialization of their programmatic positions and hopes that this will give a clear answer to those who say SYRIZA lacks substantive programmatic speech for the next day.

In addition, and after the article by "Proto Thema" last Sunday saying that each member of SYRIZA expresses a different tax proposal, the party sent an "internal" message asking people that speak to media not to give "personal tax proposals since tax issues are very complex and require specialized knowledge."

Abolition of the Privatization Fund

The specific proposals of SYRIZA will explain how the state will regain control of strategic economic sectors (energy, telecommunications, railways, ports, airports, etc.). The partys non-negotiable goal is public control of enterprises such as PPC, OTE, OSE, ELTA, EYDAP, public transportation, etc., thus abolishing the special fund set up by previous governments.

Of course, the way that companies like OTE can be re-nationalized remains unknown, and so experienced members of the party explain that all this "will be determined by the government of the Left, under the particular circumstances, possibilities and problems it will face." They note that "the planned privatization of enterprises will be directly avoided."

"Just and user-friendly" taxation system, restoration of minimum wages

In addition, SYRIZA’s economic team seems to have prepared an immediate presentation of 4-5 measures to redistribute wealth while planning a special tax system based on social justice, development and productive reconstruction. Its main ambition - as of other parties too when they talk about a new taxation system - is the effective combat on tax evasion and the underground economy and the reconstruction of taxation mechanisms.

The manifesto of SYRIZA will include the immediate abolition of the hikes for the compact and low-income classes and the restoration of the minimum wage.

It is impressive that after several months this is the first time that a party proposal to increase salaries and pensions will be heard. SYRIZA’s economic team bet that their overall strategy makes the recovery and reconstruction of the Greek economy feasible and will therefore enable the "gradual increase in wages and pensions."

"Recapitalisations = Nationalisation" for banks

According to information, SYRIZA leadership will point out that it does not oppose the bank recapitalization program, but it should be done with common voting shares and not without voting, as decided by the previous government. That is, it will attempt to nationalise the banks explaining that "this is absolutely necessary and indispensable to a government of the Left" as "public banks" will serve as a tool for "developing, manufacturing and a social financing policy to meet social needs."

A national multi-bill for reconstruction

It will also show the fixed position of the party to cancel the memoranda and the implementational laws replacing them with a multi-bill "for economic and social development, productive reconstruction, income redistribution and equitable fiscal consolidation." Regarding the termination of loan agreements and renegotiation under better new terms, they will explain that the way, time, political and legal maneuvers will depend on the effect that a possible government of the Left will have and on the correlations in the European environment. They will note that the funding provided by troika in Greece is directed exclusively to serving its lending needs and not its budget.

"Unilateral actions only for survival purposes"

The clarification of certain issues that deal with the possible suspension of payments abroad is certain. According to information, Tsipras will explain that unilateral actions such as suspension of payments are not an end in themselves, and will note that they will occur only if the survival of the country and its people become threatened. They will also present their aim to create a front by the countries of the South to press for a sustainable European solution, a debt repayment moratorium with a provision for growth and jobs for the rest, in the standards of the decision for Germany in 1953.

"The exit from the euro is not our choice"

Lastly, SYRIZA will point out that the prospect of a country’s exit from the euro is used as a main blackmail towards the elections and that New Democracy and PASOK are trying to blackmail voters. They will explain that a Europe of memoranda is doomed to disintegrate and that the party "will not succumb to sovereign blackmail and will not fail to implement its anti-memorandum program, without which the destruction of the country, either within or outside the eurozone, will be fatal and absolute."
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