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Samaras: Tsipras and Kammenos give PASOK the kiss of life

Antonis Samaras announced that if he takes the responsibility of governing the country he will announce the Exclusive Economic Zone of Greece. "A vast energy wealth lies very close, inside the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone. Foreign countries are now talking openly about it. But we do not even dare to declare it. We will do it."

According to protothema. Samaras differed his stance from those who underestimate the issue of the EEZ and spoke of deposits "with a very good chance to hold a huge undersea wealth in our country." He predicted that once the declaration of the EEZ occurs, "they will immediately gain tremendous value from the expected revenue, and which can quickly be banked on."

Samaras claimed that other parties are trying to "cut the strong mandate" from ND. "Political parties that don’t belong to the Left, but officially told us that they will govern with the Left. Parties that are not with PASOK, but are playing its game to soften its fall. Tsipras and Kammenos give PASOK the kiss of life. New and old parties are ready to do everything, as long as our own party does not get a strong mandate."

"And all the other parties, left and right, are trying to take advantage of the crisis, putting out on the despair created by the crisis, and trying so that ND does not get a strong mandate", ND president said at another point in his speech.

He also launched an attack against PASOK. "Yesterday we heard the "economic plan" of Venizelos." He was “hiding” it and announced just 8 days before the elections. And what does it include? All that they did not do for two and a half years. Suddenly they promise the exact opposite of what they did for two and a half years, i.e. all the things they disapproved when we were announcing them."

He warned that "without development, Greece can not be saved. Not even Europe can be saved anymore."
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