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ASE broke the downward streak

Today’s session at Athens Stock Exchange moved rather indifferent, while the General Index had sign changes  in a narrow-band which did not exceed11 units and remained above 700 units.

The banking index closed with a 2.64% breaking the 12th streak of consecutive declining meetings, during which recorded a cumulative loss of 33.72%.

In terms of trading activity, the market’s “image” did not change compared to previous meetings and the trading volume in the board reached 23.75 million units worth 22.92 million euros.

“The continuing pressure on the banking sector, coupled with the sell off that occurred yesterday in the main international bourses, limited trading interest in the domestic market keeping investors on hold”,  according to Beta Securities.
“News remain indifferent or negative, while we expect a low trading and volatile session today. In a downward opening we would attempt some placement on banks but only on a short term basis. Volatility is expected to ease in the coming sessions due to Easter Holidays but the negative trend is here to stay”, said the stock.

On the board, the General Index closed at 707.60 points, with a 0.52% climb. Intraday, and shortly before the completion of normal trading, the index reached day’s high of 711.10 points (1.02%).

The banking index climbed 4.69% intraday, while earnings amounted to 2.64% at 272.43 points.
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