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Ten former ND MPs move with Kammenos

The establishment of a Parliamentar Group will take place, by erased New Democracy members, who will then join “Independent Greeks”, the establishment of which was announced by Mr. Panos Kammenos last Sunday at Distomo.

The Standing Orders provides that to establish a parliamentary group at least ten MPs are needed, protothema reports.

According to reports, the new venture expected to be announced within the week, possibly tomorrow by Mr. Panos Kammenos, will include Mrs. Elena Kountoura, Mr. Christos Zois, Mr. Kostas Markopoulos, Mr. Dimitris Stamatis, Mr. Panayiotis Melas, Mr. Mihalis Giannakis, Mrs. Tsambika Iatridou, Mrs. Maria Kollia Tsarouha, Mr. Spiros Galinos and Mr. Giorgos Vagionas.

Mrs. Eliza Vozenberg, Mr. Giorgos Vlahos, Kostas Gioulekas, Kostas Papsiozos, Giorgos Karasmanis and Margaritis Tzimas will remain independent. These particular members are awaiting ND’s next steps. Some are possibly going to return to ND or a new  party, while other state they will not be running again.

Mr. Yiannis Mihelakis said that the “call to arms declared by Mr. Samaras, was addressed to society”, implying that it does not regard MPs or parties.

The return of five MPs who answered Mr. Samaras’ call to arms is only a matter of time, and who voted for the new Memorandum’s laws, that they had at first downvoted. Namely these are Mr. Zisis Tsikalagias, Manolis Kefalogiannis, Alexandros Dermetzopoulos, Theofilos Leontaridis and Anastasios Karipidis.

The establishment of a new party which will gain parliamentary representation causes nervousness for ND since it gives an “out” for votes of the right-wing people who are against the memorandum.

ND however is following a hard line, placing a condition for candidates who will participate in the next election, “that it will not move around the country and speak against the Memorandum”.
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