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Two paintings stolen from National Gallery


A painting by Picasso was one of the two paintings stolen from the National Gallery in Athens in central Athens at dawn on Monday during a break-in, according to the Museum, while the second painting was also of immense value.

According to Athens News Agency, the Picasso is a 1934 work that was presented as a gift to the Gallery in the 1940s by a French association.

Two paintings were stolen from the National Art Gallery in Athens in the pre-dawn hours on Monday, during a break-in, and a police investigation was immediately launched.

Police said that the Gallerys alarm went off at 4:52 a.m. and the security guard, who was inside the building and had not been aware of anything suspicious up to that time, saw a man running out of the building.

The guard immediately investigated the facilities and saw that two paintings were missing, and alerted police.

An exhibition of masters was currently taking place at the Gallery, which closed to the public on Monday for restoration work.

According to a police announcement later, one of the stolen paintings was a 1934 Picasso.

Police said the perpetrator entered the building from the back side, breaking in through a mezzanine balcony door that he/they demolished, headed into the interior of the building and removed the two paintings from their frames.

Police said the perpetrator attempted to steal a third painting, but abandoned the effort.

Police have taken footage from the museums surveillance cameras for investigation.

Statements were expected by police and by the Museums director Myrsini Lambraki-Plaka in the early afternoon.

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