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Nireus: Announcement

Nireus SA announces that a change has been made in the published financial statements of the nine-month period of 2011.  Specifically, as regards Additional Data and Information, Section 8(e)  Directors fees and key management compensation, has changed from an amount € 2.069.788 to € 1.443.116 for the Group and from an amount of € 1.488.095 to € 909.406 for the Company.  Furthermore, Section 8(f) Payables to Directors and key management has changed from an amount of € 268.238 to € 232.856 for the Group and from an amount of € 105.667 to € 73.508 for the Company.  Corresponding changes have also been made in the Condensed Interim Financial Statements in Note 24:  Related Parties. The revised financial statements have been posted in the websites of both the Stock Exchange and that of the Company.     
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