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Unemployment Rate Reached 13.5%

Hellenic Statistical Authority announced on Thursday that the unemployment rate in October 2010 increased to 13.5% compared to 9.8% in October 2009 and 12.6% in September 2010. 

The number of employed amounted to 4,369,543 persons while the number of unemployed amounted to 684,047 and the number of inactive to 4,263,751, according to EL.STAT.

The number of employed decreased by 135,557 persons compared with October 2009 (a 3.0% rate of decrease) and increased by 3,048 persons compared with September 2010 (a 0.1% rate of increase).

Unemployed increased by 192,908 persons (a 39.3% rate of increase) compared with October 2009 and by 56,332 persons compared with September 2010 (a 9.0% rate of increase).
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