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Regling: The Greek government has to do all it can to foster investor confidence "Markets want to be reassured that Greece stays on the path towards a sustainable and competitive economy in the euro area" ESM Managing Director Klaus Regling told in an interview. Mr. Regling also stressed that: Part of the agreement on the programme exit - the last disbursement of 15 billion and the medium-term debt relief measures for Greece - is linked to fiscal and reform commitments for the future that the Greek government made to the European partners. Obviously, we expect Greece to live up to these commitments.

Greek banks bad loan reduction in line with target

At the end of June NPEs had fallen by 4.1 percent from the first quarter to 88.6 billion euros.

Frances Macron says he is main opponent of Orban, Salvini

France΄s Macron says he is ΄main opponent΄ of Orban, SalviniFrench President Emmanuel Macron has placed himself squarely against Hungarys Viktor Orban and Italys Matteo Salvini on migration.

German consumers cautious as inflation eats up wage hikes

German consumers cautious as inflation eats up wage hikesWhile consumers in Europes powerhouse remain confident about the domestic labor market, they are less likely now to make large purchases.
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Greek unemployment rate fell to 19.1 pct in June

From a downwardly revised 19.3 pct in May and 21.3 pct in June last year, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Thursday.

Demolition of illegal buildings to begin mid-September, environment minister says

There are at least 3,000 such cases of illegal building.

Mitsotakis tweet slams surreptitious transfer of Koufodinas to farm prison

"he transfer of the terrorist Koufodinas to the agricultural prison of Volos was carried out surreptitiously".

ESM approves disbursement of 15-bln-euro loan tranche to Greece

The fifth and final tranche of loans to Greece under the third programme, amounting to 15 billion euros, will be disbursed within the coming days.
Aging populations challenge China, India, Iran and Japan

Aging populations challenge China, India, Iran and Japan

In many Asian countries, concerns about dwindling populations overshadow fears of global overpopulation. Societies overall are aging at a pace that birth rates cannot keep up with a fact that will pose a major challenge to many a social security system in the future.
China΄s stock market falls to third place

Chinas stock market falls to third place

Japan pushes the Chinese aside for the first time since China became the worlds second-biggest stock market in 2014. It is a sign of the escalating trade tensions with the US and a general slowing of growth.



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